Kiss is excellent

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Since I could remember something, I had known that kiss was a good thing. My father always reminded me that do not forget the power of a kiss, especially a girl's kiss.
Father was different from the other people. He didn't work in companies, nor did he work in the government. He seemed to have no job. But we lived a luxirious life. We had the best limo of the community, we had a large swimming pool, and we had a helicopter waiting in our yard. So you could imagine how large our house was. Rich as my father, he didn't buy me toys even though I was a little girl. The only toy that father bought me was a stress ball. It was a bear stress ball. The stress ball looked funny but cute. So it attracted my attention at once. Looking me palying with the stress ball, father came to me suddenly and told me that he would teach me some skills to survive. As young as I was, I had no idea what the word survive meant, but I followed father and did what he told me. He put a tiny gun in my hand and asked me to touch it and know about its function and structure. The gun was cold and I didn't like it at all. In our community, I had never seen girls own guns. Girls didn't play with a gun, I once told my father to express my hatred for the gun. You're a different girl; father answered me without telling why he would think so. As I became familiar with the tiny gun, I started to appreciate it. It was a small, sliver thing which shined under the sunshine. When I grasped it in my hand, it did't weigh a lot. Sometimes, I even thought it made me look handsome and admirable. A special girl with an unique gun made everyone think that this was a different story. Tommorrow, when I woke up, I would become the herione who saved the world! Then, I was a legend.
Father tought me how to use the gun. My shooting was great and he once praised me that I might become the best shooter in the world. In my seventh year, fahter gave me an assignment which he called a chance. I followed him to a five-star hotel and met a man. He liked me very much and called angel. He hugged me and gave me a kiss. But he had no idea even when he fell down on the floor. It was me. I shot him in his stomach. My tiny gun was hiding in my stress ball. Who would think that a little girl holding a stress ball was killer? No, I was not a killer, but a warrior. Father said that I was kido A.

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Kiss is excellent

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This article was published on 2010/09/15