Top 10 Practical Father’s Day Gifts

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. Have you figured out any wonderful gifts idea? If not, come and see these hot Father’s Day gifts, which perhaps can give you some inspiration.
NO.1: Leather belt. Leather belt is a warm gift either for your male partner or for your father, for it is both practical in function and classic in style. A leather belt of famous brand is a finishing part of a handsome suit, and it is a symbol of a man’s taste, too. A leather belt for your father shows both love and respect from you.
NO.2: Shaver. Shaver is a tool that every man will use on a daily basis. Of course, to pick a Father’s Day gift, you should choose an automatic shaver with good quality. It will show your care to your father’s life.
NO.3: Watch. It does not have to be a Rolex or a Cartier, which will cost half of your annual salary. A watch for your father should be one of classic style and elegant appearance. Imagine how proud your father will be every time someone asks who gave the watch to him.
NO.4: A gym membership card. Take your father to a nearby gym, and buy him a membership card. A card from his daughter is an encouragement for him to exercise his body, instead of sitting in the couch all day long and watching TV. A membership card is also a wish for your father’s good health.
NO.5: Health products. Nothing is more direct in showing your care to your father’s health than health products. Middle-aged and elderly people all need extra calcium and other vitamins. Consult a doctor and buy your father the right health products.
NO.6: A beautiful bonsai. Keeping bonsais is a popular habit for a lot of fathers. On this special occasion, pick a beautiful bonsai as a Father’s Day gift. It will be quite special, and it can remain your father’s companion.
NO.7: Cell phone. Perhaps your father is not as interested in cool electronic gadgets as young people. However, it is always a good thing to lead your father into the modern technology world, and let him enjoy the convenience and fun brought by cool electronic gadgets, such as a new cell phone.
NO.8: Book. Elderly people are supposed to spend less time in front of TV or computers. Therefore, a good book is a wonderful gift for your father. It helps him kill the time, and it cleans his heart, too.
NO.9: Wine. Many fathers have their own special taste in wine. A bottle of good wine is a both romantic and practical gift for your father. You can also stay for dinner on this day, and enjoy the wine together with your father.
NO.10: Men’s leather bags. No matter your father is still working or not, a leather bag can do him a lot of good. It is a symbol of a man’s good taste, and it also represents his social status. No matter what your father’s age is, a classic leather bag can make him look like a gentleman. Besides, it is a very practical gift for your father to carry on his trips or to work.

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Top 10 Practical Father’s Day Gifts

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This article was published on 2011/06/28